The church is not a building or place,
it's the people.

Our Story


 Started Love Lives Here - Our hope with LLH is to help create community-focused events in Tiffin.


 For more space, we moved to Tiffin Elementary and met in the school library.


We celebrated the launch of our online campus and met online throughout the pandemic.


 Again to accommodate more people we moved into the school gym and significantly expanded our kid's environments.


March 22, we began meeting in a coffee shop.


Began long and short term groups

to help you explore faith and build community. 


Launched a new leadership and growth track while resuming in-person services.

Outside the church
Love Lives Here

The church doesn't just exist for itself, it exists for everyone. Therefore, we want to serve our city through charity and events that build a safer and more welcoming community. 

Inside the church

We believe life is better together, so we encourage joining groups. Groups are a small group of adults that get together weekly throughout the year to connect, grow spiritually, and navigate life together.

Meet our team
Taylor Getting

Lead Pastor

Day Job: Pastor

Favorite Restaurant: Steak 'n Shake, only because Caitlin stole mine...

Logan Wagner

Middle School Ministry Director

Day Job: Logistics Manager at Procter and Gamble

Favorite Restaurant: Longhorn Steakhouse (Coralville)

Stephanie getting


Day Job: Health and Benefit 


Favorite Restaurant: Cafe Dodici (Washington)

Caitlin Thornburg

Children's Ministry Director

Day Job: Speech Therapist

Favorite Restaurant: Pullmans (Iowa City)

What we believe
Frequently asked Questions

How can I become a member?

We don't have the kind of membership where you take a class and sign a paper. We consider those who are actively serving, inviting, giving, and in a group our members.

What's your mission and vision?

Our mission is to create space for you to grow your gifts and become a Christ-like leader. Our vision is to make churches that unchurched people love to attend.

What do you believe about giving?

We believe we should give generously in a planned a percentaged way. Example: the 1st of every month 8% of your total income. Check out our giving page for more information.

I'm not sure about religion, can I visit?

Yes, we started Infuse with you in mind! We'd also encourage you to check out Starting Point, an 8-week conversation about faith we have once a year. Sign up here.

How do I get more involved?

You can join our Get in the Game Group. Receive a personalized plan for next steps you can take to grow personally, in faith, and with Infuse Church. Find out more here.

Why do you meet in a school?

Because it's trendy and all the coolest churches are doing it! Kidding... kind of. Space is hard to come by in the Iowa City area, so we're grateful to have a strong relationship with the CCA school district and also to be more a part of the community this way.

Now that you've gotten to
Know us better...