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"You know the way I was beaten down. I just didn't think I deserved to live  ."

- AJ

Steve Baptism.png

"It was like a weight that was lifted off my shoulders, I felt really at peace and it changed the way I thought."



"I was able to start choosing faith over fear and things started falling into place for me in a better way."



"It was though year but I would not be able to trade all the blessings from my diagnosis ."



"I've learned to lean on

God and to give Him

my burdens."



"So hearing other people saying they don’t know everything makes me feel like okay, maybe I’m not alone on that ."



"I knew I needed more

time for God and that I should be investing my

time into relationships

that truly matter."



"Once I realized that my past didn't define my value... my relationship with God began to blossom."



"Maybe He (God) wants us to have our own faith journey, utilizing the gifts that He has uniquely given each of us."


Nick for website.png

"I have spent my entire

life searching for Jesus

or somebody to give

me meaning."



"I kept feeling like this was where I was supposed to be, with God at the center."


Liz 2.png

"Instead of a relationship formed out of habit... I

choose to engage with

God as his daughter."


Simon brighter.png

"I realized that truth and proof alone to get to God

can only get you so far. At some point you have to

take a step in faith."



"I had resisted the pull of God before, but those words were too powerful to ignore."



"I was ready for a change

but I knew from my past

that I could not do it alone."


Jake & Heather.png

"I would never say I was searching for God, but one night... God found me."


Stephanie Baptism.png

"Because I took the step

to engage in church and engage with faith, I understand how God

is here for me."



"I felt really good... like a huge weight had just been lifted off my shoulders."


Beth Baptism.png

"Over the years without even noticing, my light dimmed."


Erin Baptism.png

"Something inside me that felt so heavy seemed to have a lightness to it."


Mady Baptism.png

"I started thinking about all the struggles in life that I had been going through, and realized that (God) had been there through all of them."



"(Women's) Group has brought so much joy to

my life and I truly miss it when we take a break

from meeting."


"God was talking directly to me and assuring me that everything was going to be okay."



"I began to see that I needed more than physical healing, I needed spiritual healing."


Brian & Terri.png
Horton Family.png

"How cool is it that at age 4 my son was learning that God did have a plan for his life."



"When I was on my own, my faith drifted away pretty much completely."



"With God's help and guidance, I have learned

the true meaning of his

love for me."



"At that instant I immediately felt this enormous feeling of peace come over me as if God was taking control."


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