"I had resisted the pull of God before, but those words were too powerful to ignore" 


"I was ready for a change but I knew from my past that I could not do it alone" 


"I would never say I was searching for God but one night....  God found me"



"Because I took the step to engage in church and engage with faith, I understand how God is here for me" 


"I started thinking about all the struggles in life that I had been going through, and realized that (God) had been there through all of them."


"How Cool is it that at age of 4 my son was learning that God did have a plan for his life"



"I felt really good... like a huge weight had just been lifted off my shoulders"



"Over the years without even noticing, my light dimmed."



"Something inside me that had felt so heavy seemed to have a lightness to it."


"(Womens) group has brought so much joy to my life and I truly miss it when we take a break from meeting.



"I began to see that I needed more than physical healing, I needed spiritual healing"



"God was talking directly to me and assuring me that everything was going to be okay."


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When I was on my own, my faith drifted away pretty much completely.



With God's help and guidance I have learned the true meaning of his love for me



"At that instant I immediately felt this enormous feeling of peace come over me as if God was taking control"